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The Copywrite Course

Creating your own top-selling copy!

What if you never had to toil over sales copy again?

With The Copywrite Course, there's no need for stressing over what to write!  You'll learn how to write your own copy in just 10 days!!!

Tell me if this sounds like you: you sit down to write a sales email, but have no idea what to say.  

What if there was a way to have the right copy just pour out of you?

That's exactly why I created

The Copywrite Course!!!

If you want to achieve higher conversion rates from your own copy practically immediately, join us for The Copywrite Course!

Use the techniques taught in The Copywrite Course to jumpstart your conversion rate!  Learn how to leverage testimonials, how to identify and clarify features and benefits and how to ask for the sale in your copy.  With The Copywrite Course, you'll be writing like a pro in no time!

Right now, you're struggling with writing your sales copy.


In The Copywrite Course, you'll learn about:

GRAMMAR - apostrophes, misplaced modifiers, punctuation of all sorts, keeping structure parallel, quotations, common misspellings, making transitions, verb agreement, and much much more...

TRANSACTIONAL WRITING - analyzing your audience, setting objectives, organization, graphics, collaboration, ethical writing, persuasion, emotional appeal, and more...

STYLE and TONE - clear and concise copy, sentence length, reading level, unnecessary language, action verbiage, and use of the proper tone.

LAYOUT  and DESIGN - make it inviting and uncrowded, ease of reading, type styles, headings and taglines, lists and bullet points, matching layout to purpose, and piece length.

GRAPHICS - make them accessible and understandable, appropriate to material, relatable, fun and easy, integrated, clearly labeled, and learn about recent trends in graphics.

GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE - how to be clear and concise, organized, courteous, learn about formats and examples, routine and special requests, delivering good news and bad, letters, reports, resumes, solicited and unsolicited proposals, documentation, and speeches.

THE NITTY GRITTY - writing ability - not as much as you think, self-discipline, experience, maximum efficiency, building a system for organization, follow-up (tracking, open and click-thrus, conversion rates), meeting your market, scripts, partnering up, self-imposed deadlines, recommended reading, and much, much more...



  • Quizzes on every topic so you can test your knowledge

  • Posters of common mistakes and how to correct them, so you always have it handy

  • Quick Reference Guides to each chapter and module, so you can follow along and remember more easily

  • Workbooks for each chapter and module, with thinking points and directed questioning

  • Swipe files galore - proposals, resumes, letters, email copy, etc.

  • A style guide to editing your own work

  • Additional bonuses!!!!!!!!!

The Copywrite Course 

will run for 10 days

just after the New Year -

only 45 minutes/day!

And for the next two weeks only,

all this can be yours for just


But Wait!!!

There's more!

If you purchase in the next five days, and are for any reason unsatisfied, your $497 can be applied to any of Amy Garvey's services!

Now, there's a deal that can't be beat!


This deal won't be around for long! 

On December 15, 2020,

The Copywrite Course

will return to its original price of $997!

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be
no refunds after purchase.
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